Electronic Enrollment & Health Forms

In an effort to be as efficient and waste-conscious as possible we have created electronic versions of many of our documents.  Please fill these out and they will be securely delivered electronically to the school's account.  

General Enrollment Forms

Infant Forms

Medical Forms

This form may be faxed to the center from your child's physician.

Only complete if your child has a medical condition 

Subsidy Forms

School Age Transportation Forms 

Fill out this form for the following schools; Springdale Elementary, Sharonville Elementary, Glendale Elementary, and Heritage Hill Elementar

Fill out this form for the following schools; Primary North,

Winton Woods Elementary, and Winton Woods Intermediate 



Ages and Stages Screeners


Ages and Stage Screeners Questionnaires are provided free of charge by Little Miracles to make sure that your child's growth and development are on track.  Families with students currently enrolled at the center are asked to complete both questionnaires annually (at minimum) by filling out the questionnaire through the links below.  Remember there are two questionnaires so please complete both for your child(ren).  School-age students do not need to have screeners completed for them.





Every Friday at our Schools is Spirit Day.  We were our school shirts and show our School Spirit!  We also use our School Shirts for Field Trips for our Preschool & School Age Students 

Fill out this form for the following schools;

Primary South and Hamilton County Math and Science 




Curriculum     newsletters



Little Miracles uses a professional learning curriculum, that is aligned with the Ohio Department of Education's Early Learning and Development Standards, to teach our students from Infants to Prekindergarten.  The newsletters provided with our curriculum gives parents a snapshot of what your children will be learning each month.







School Closed Schedule 2020

Vacation tuition credits are not available during government-mandated reduced ratios due to the lack of financial ability of the school to offer them during this time.  We will update once we are able to provide these credits again. 

Please View Our School Calendar via Kangarootime for Specific School Special Days 

  • Wednesday, January 1st - New Year's Day

  • Friday, April 10th - Professional Development Day 

  • Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day

  • Friday, July 3rd - Independence Day Observed

  • Monday, September 7th - Labor Day

  • Thursday, November 26th & Friday, November 27th - Thanksgiving Break

  • Thursday, December 24th - Christmas Eve - Professional Development

  • Friday, December 25th - Christmas

  • Thursday, December 31st - New Year's Eve closing at 4pm

  • Friday, January 1st, 2021 - New Years Day (2021)

         Professional Development Days

Our teachers are the true heart of how we educate our students.  While we often use Saturdays - which cuts into our teacher's well deserved personal time - to provide additional training and classroom preparation there is a need for a few additional days in order to adequately train and prepare our classrooms.  Little Miracles closes two days a year - once in the Fall/Winter and once in the Spring - to provide additional training to our teachers. These days will be announced to families well in advance. 




Communicating with YOU is VERY important to US!

Open communication between our school and your family is very important to us.  We know that sometimes morning drop off and afternoon pick up times can be busy times for our school and your family.  While communication with our teachers during those times is always encouraged we also offer an additional communication tool  This is a free service to all center families.  Little Miracles has invested in this system to assist in including parents in their child's day at school.

Your child’s day,delivered real-time.

Updates are private and secure.

We know that nothing is more important to a parent than the security of their children and their children's information. That is why we have implemented a system to allow safe and secure sharing from LITTLE MIRACLES to parent.


Easy digital check-in with the ability to add approved adults to pick up your child and see when your child is checked in or out.


Watch your child’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device.

Never hear "nothing" again.

What did your child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child's day give you a view of their day. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work.


Stay in touch with your teacher and strengthen school learning with activities at home.


Digital payments directly from your bank account or credit/debit card. Paperless invoices and email receipts. 



It is important to us that you know when you have messages/alerts from us.  Our Kangarootime system sends Push Notifications to the device that you are logged into the Kangarootime App on whenever messages are sent from us. 

Personal device settings seem to default to only show push notifications temporarily.  Most devices allow you to go into your settings, select the app's setting you wish to modify (choose Kangarootime), select Notifications, change push notifications from temporary to persistent.  This will allow the notification to not disappear until you click on it.  This is extremely helpful to ensure that you actually see all notifications for messages etc from us.

Please view the mobile how-to guide below for instructions on how to set up and use the parent app.  Do not hesitate to see your Center Director with any questions.




Funshine Blog - This is a blog created by our Funshine Curriculum that gives insight into the education of young children.  

Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards

Ohio Academy of Pediatrics 

Ohio Department of Health Resources




We Pay You for Referrals

Your family and the families at Little Miracles make our community great. The community plus our teachers make Little Miracles a special place.  Choosing childcare is a very important decision.  It is always more comforting to make an important decision when you know someone who is pleased with the services they are receiving.  We want to continue to help families looking for childcare and education services for their Little Miracles understand why our families chose, and continue, to be LM FAMILIES.  As a thank you we offer a $50.00 account credit for families that refer new clients to our program!  Just tell new families to let us know how they learned about Little Miracles!



Little Miracles Child Development Center

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Little Miracles Early Learning School

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Executive Director - Monique Johnson


Co-Director - Kiara Elliott


Fill out this form for infants 12-18 months

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