Reporting an Incident/ Injury 


At Little Miracles we follow the state policies for incident injury reporting.  State policy for reporting incident/injury is as follows;              

Staff shall complete the JFS 01299 and provide a copy to the child's parent or the person picking up the child on the day of the incident or injury if:         

(a) A child becomes ill and requires first aid or receives an injury which requires first aid treatment.
(b) A child is transported in accordance with this rule to a source of emergency assistance.
(c) A child receives a bump or blow to the head.
(d) An unusual or unexpected incident occurs which jeopardizes the safety of a child or employee of a center, such as a child leaving the center unattended, a vehicle accident with or without injuries or exposure of children to a threatening person or situation.

(2) Copies of the JFS 01299 shall be kept on file at the center for at least one year and shall be available for review by the Ohio department of job and family services (ODJFS). 

Little Miracles requires all incidents; big or small, to be reported to Center Administration immediately.  Care for the child, then post the incident via your classroom's Management Chat (within 15 minutes) accessible from the classrooms assigned Tablet under the Google Hangouts Message area.  

(a) Add a picture of the injury, if able.  

A School Director will respond and/or come to you to assist.  

A decision will be made weather to contact the parent based on the incident or injury. 

Once the incident/injury report is completed you are to post a picture of the incident report via your classroom's Management Chat via Google Hangouts for review.  

Most incidents can be prevented by actively and adequately supervising your students.

Distributing Incident Injury Reports


While some injuries or incidents will require a phone call home it is always important to us to make sure that parents always receive an incident report for incidents or injuries concerning their child.  

Our school environment tends to get very busy during drop off times and it is easy to forget to give a parent an incident report or to leave for the day and forget to pass a report on the your relieving teacher.  

To prevent this at Little Miracles, once the incident is reported to management and the incident report is completed by the teacher, reviewed by another teacher and approved by a supervisor.  

Incident reports are a 3 part carbon form.  

(1) Take the top copy to turn into the Assistant Director's tray by the end of the day.  Do not leave this copy in the view of parents.  

The remaining two copies should be left together.  

(2) You will then fold the incident report so that only the child's name is showing; tape it to either the child's cubbie, drawer or whatever area you use for parents to retrieve their child's belongings.  

We ask that the parent signs the form to acknowledge receipt of the form.  

(3) After the parent signs the form you may give them the middle copy to take with them.  

(4) You would then place the signed copy with the original top copy and turn these in together to the Assistant Director's tray.  

It is important you take the top copy so that if a parent accidentally takes both copies you have the original for our files which we are required by law to get a record of.  

If a parent refused to sign or forgets you may write refused at the bottom and who you gave the report to with a date and proceed.  

Do not make an issue out of a parent refusing to sign.  Many, despite acknowledging that the signature is to verify receipt of the form; will believe it means they agree with or accept the incident or injury.