Twaddler & Toddler Learning Activities

*Any books referenced are available via the free Epic Reading app that was shared with all families via email.  If you did not receive a link for your child, please email Mrs. Monique via Kangarootime with your child's name and the email address you would like to use for this program. 

Please work with students about hygiene and preventing germs.  Below is a great song that illustrates this for our students.  We would like for every student to know this song to help with controlling germs as we prepare to return to school in the future.

Week of: April 20 - 24

Color: Yellow

Shape: Oval

Week Overview

We have provided many activities across the various learning domains to keep our toddlers engaged and learning. 


We have provided activities for each subject.  We did our best to choose activities that did not require a lot of supplies. 


The goal is to complete activities from each subject based on your ability to get these completed while students are learning at home.

Creative Art Expression

Ways to do this is to use any materials you may have crayons, paper, magazines, newspapers, colored pencils, chalk, fabric etc and allow children to create WHATEVER they would like.  Be careful not to correct any of their work to be what is "normal."


Find the Oval

(Epic Book)

Social Emotional