A Preschool Learning Center in Springdale Offering Quality Early Education

The environment in which your child learns about the world is extremely crucial in their development. Little Miracles is a child care learning center located in Springdale offering preschool, daycare and childcare services. We have a firm commitment to delivering consistent education with a focus on quality in an environment that nurtures and encourages. If you are looking for quality pre-kindergarten schools near Springdale, give your child the most optimal start in life with Little Miracles.

Step Up to Quality with Exceptional Child Development and Learning in Springdale

As your primary child development center in Springdale, Little Miracles is pleased to offer the Step Up to Quality program. Our preschool centers offer the highest quality learning environment with a curriculum delivered by a team of certified educational professionals. Learning is extended through our child day care services that allow your child to create strong social connections in a clean and compassionate environment.

Interactive Learning at Our Child Day Care Center

At the Little Miracles preschool centers, we deliver a curriculum based on child development through interaction and play. Your child explores the world around them through engaging activities that develop their intellectual and social skills. We have a high focus on safety as your child develops their skills, with our daycare centers featuring a low educator to student ratio to ensure that your child gets the care and attention that they need and deserve.

Daycare Schools with Hands On Learning in Springdale

Your child deserves the highest standards of care and education. Little Miracles Child Development Center and Early Learning School offers the most comprehensive programs and curriculum for growing minds. To find out more, visit our center in Springdale, or call us at (513) 772-0707 for more information.

Little Miracles Child Development Center

1275 East Kemper Road

Springdale, OH 45246

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Hours: 6:30 am  - 6:00 pm