As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges.

Our School-Age Program is a safe haven, full of fun and friends before and after your child's long day at school.

When your child arrives at our center they will be welcomed to our inviting and large School Age Suite that is composed of three rooms; School Age Lounge, Computer Lab and the WorkRoom.


They will be offered a healthy snack and a chance to talk about their day. From there the possibilities are endless. From teacher planned arts and crafts, assistance with homework, to computer games or an impromptu skit with friends' their day will at Little Miracles will be a pleasant one!

Little Miracles is open when most other schools are closed! We have a School age program operating when the district schools closed for in-service days and non-national holidays. We also offer exciting summer, spring and winter break camps.


Please call us to find out all the days we have to offer as a part of our all-inclusive School Age Program.

Little Miracles offers Before & After School Care, Spring Break and Summer Camps that address the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age children.

Jitterbugs is Little Miracles' curriculum for School-Age Children which provides a unique before- and after-school learning experience to keep your School-Ager motivated and focused in a fun and stimulating environment.

To make it easy for your family's schedule, transportation is available to many local school districts for a nominal fee.


School-Age Program

5 - 12 years

Forest Park Location


The Winton Woods School District provides transportation to and from the following schools
  • Winton Woods Primary North

  • Winton Woods Elementary School

  • Winton Woods Intermediate School


* If you have a question about the possibility of our program providing transportation to a school that is not listed but that is in close proximity to one of our locations please call or send an email to use and we will gladly check to see if we can accommodate your request.