Safety First 

During this period of Pandemic we are taking several precautions to help to keep our students and staff healthy;

  • All staff wear masks covering their nose and mouth

  • All school-age students wear masks except during lunch and outdoor playtime.

  • Temperature checks for everyone that enters our building.

  • To cut down on traffic within our school and the possibility for exposure we have limited people from entering our facility to staff and students only.

  • Toys and surfaces in and classrooms and throughout our building are cleaned and sanitized daily.


  • Our school is fogged weekly with a hospital-grade disinfecting solution safe for our students.

  • In order to cut back on germs entering the building, we have every person remove their shoes upon entering.

  • Every classroom has handwashing sinks.  We wash hands several times a day in accordance with childcare licensing rules in addition to hourly handwashing.