For all you do every day. 

Caring for children as they play

For all the things that you teach.

From counting numbers to singing ABC's.

For knowing when a hug is what they need.

And all the stories that you read.

For comforting fears, kissing away tears.

And always giving encouraging cheers.

For showing how to be caring.

And teaching kindness and sharing.

For being the one who high fives and listens.

Instilling the importance of making good decisions.

Thank You!

Ms. Virginia

Ms. Kiara

Ms. Cindy

Ms. Genia

Ms. Marie

Ms. Ann

Ms. Trish

Ms. Marilyn

Ms. Vicky

Ms. Cierra

Ms. Elaine

Ms. Timesha

Ms. Safira

Ms. Lizzie

Ms. Anita

Ms. Renee

Ms. Ciera

Ms. Jocelyn

Ms. Sierra

Ms. Rebekah

Ms. Jahmelia

Ms. Nia

Ms. Cara

Ms. Andrea


For being there when parents can't be.

Making everday a special memory.

With the right amount of love and encouragement, you nurture individuals.

Thank you for taking care of our Little Miracles.